About Us

DC Partner's roots lie deeply anchored in the distribution of funds for South African consumers who are part of the debt rehabilitation process. Before founding DC Partner, the founding members of the company were involved in the distribution of funds for administrators for over 10 years. The leap into the debt review space as a payment distribution agency was the next natural progression.

On 28 August 2008, DC Partner began distributing as a newly appointed National Credit Regulator accredited Payment Distribution Agent.

After a relatively small start during which the company further developed and optimised its systems, word of DC Partner's knowledge and expertise spread quickly into the marketplace. By March 2009, DC Partner's services was already being utilised by 54 debt counsellors, servicing roughly 1200 consumers.

Over the next two years the company grew exponentially to the extent where by March 2010, DC Partner had 124 debt counsellors on its books - a figure that would eventually double again in 2011. DC Partner's business growth has continued to steadily grow ever since.

DC Partner is one of only three NCR accredited PDA's - Payment Distribution Agency's in South Africa and its operations are based out of the scenic town of George in the beautiful Southern Cape, with satellite offices in Pretoria and Cape Town and Durban. At present, the company employs more than 65 people.

On 25 April 2016 DC Partner was officially registered in terms of the Nation Credit Act as a payment distribution agency. Indeed a proud moment in the history of the company. For years we have been campaigning to not only be part of the industry, but recognised by the act.

One of the key factors that sets DC Partner apart from its competitors is the level of pride that it takes in it work, as well as in making a difference in the lives of over indebted consumers in South Africa by easing the burden of repaying their debt obligations to credit providers.

Our focus has always and will always remain on the individual. To us you as the Debt Counsellors are not merely a number.

DC Partner is a proud service provider to the national debt industry and welcomes feedback and interaction from both clients and other debt counsellors in order to continually improve our service. DC Partner strives to ensure that each of our business partners feel like an integral part of the DC Partner team.