Additional Services

DC Partner offers various services to assist our Debt Counsellors with their daily tasks. And although many of the additional functions that we deliver are not expected of a PDA, we believe them to be critical in the day to day operations of the debt counsellor's business.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Following up on unallocated funds - We contact the banks and try to obtain the contact details of the consumers who made the deposits.
  • Following up on Unpaid accounts - We contact the creditors and try to obtain the correct account details if payments failed due to wrong details
  • Continual efforts to recover distributed funds lost due to disputes.
  • Assistance to the Debt Counsellors in resolving transactions that couldn’t distribute for reasons such as; death of a consumer, invalid accounts, accounts that are paid up and where information is required but the consumers are unreachable.