The fact that we are entrusted with the funds of over indebted consumers places a massive burden on DC Partner to work responsibly with the funds. We therefore aspire to be fully transparent.

We do this by giving our debt counsellors direct access to our software system. This system reflects ALL transactions taking place on a consumer's file, whether it be DC Fees, PDA Fees, distributions or after care fees. It is all there and available to the debt counsellor and/or their staff.

As funds are being processed, the information will be updated in real time on a consumer's file. This will enable the debt counsellor to view and print this data within MINUTES of the distribution taking place.

After each distribution a statement is automatically sent to each consumer. This is sent via e-mail as well as sms. The statements are then provided to each debt counsellor, should the client arrive at their offices and request same.

DC Partner is audited twice yearly. These audit findings are presented to the National Credit Regulator.